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Friday, 15 July 2016

Digital Inclusion - The only way to solve this problem

In recent times the topic on accessibility and "digital inclusion" online is gaining more coverage in the media. 

While it is great to see the improvements on web accessibility with the internet and the difference to the lives it has made for those who benefit from it. We need to do much more towards web accessibility. I believe that the current market trends towards accessibility is still short sighted. We need to be bolder and more visionary towards web accessibility and the future of the internet.

This is because “accessibility” means different things different people. Even if you follow the website accessibility standards and have a double AA rating you still have excluded a wide range of people. That is because the accessibility guides are still based on a generalisation and simply doesn’t cater for all.

To truly solve web accessibility with a focus on "digital inclusion" means that web content needs to be tailored on a user-by-user basis.

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Kenneth Springer
Hueyify® and Internet of DOTS Founder | Thought leader for the next era of Web browsing

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

The Internet and Disability — Making an Impact

This is a really interesting article written by Brittney Clouse on how the Internet on Disability is making an impact in a way never seen before (

This was exactly the reason why Hueyify® ( was invented to change Internet Accessibility and make a difference to the world. Considering that the idea of Hueyify originates from a blind boy makes the journey even more exciting as we push towards our vision.

Hueyify's technologies will be made released to the market via the Web of DOTS (WoD) platform at