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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Kickstarting the Hueyify Fundraising Campaign

It has been a very hectic preparing to kick off for the Hueyify fundraising campaign. It has been a long time coming however we wanted to be sure that the entire Hueyify concept works before sharing the story with you. We've already done the hard work researching, investigating, designing and proving that the concept is viable. This includes producing a small software program to validate the concept in practice. Thus, the Hueyify Project had started long ago...

What is the Hueyify Project?

The Hueyify project is a project dedicated to making the Internet more user-friendly and is based on a blind boy's vision on how the Internet could be. It is free product and service for those who are legally blind / blind or has Autism regardless of their location. We believe there is a void in this area and our cause is dedicated to helping those who are blind or have learning differences or has Autism.

Who is Huey?

Hueyify is is based on a blind boy's vision on how the Internet can be. The boy's name is Huey. I am his father and also an experienced software engineer who is inspired by his Huey's idea and driving the project to make it a reality.

The Hueyify Story?

Like all projects they have a story. Our project isn't any different. I guess it would be fair to say the project resulted out of frustration when mixing blindness together with the Internet. You can read Our Story at the official Hueyify website.

It would be greatly appreciative if you can spare a few moments to read our story and share the story with your family members and friends as well as donate to support our cause. We currently need funding to complete the project. We need your help to make it happen.

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