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Saturday, 9 August 2014

Hueyify - Is it Free? What Web Browsers? What O/S?

It seems with the media buzz this week we've had a few people reaching out to us from all over the world sharing their stories and asking questions.

Some questions that seem to come through was:
  1. What hardware do we need to run Hueyify and fees?
    The Hueyify software and services is free for anyone who is legally blind / blind or has autism regardless of location. There are no fees or hidden cost or anything. This statement forms the very essence of what Hueyify stands for because we believe the internet should be accessible and fair to all given the importance of the internet in our lifestyles. We want to make a difference to those who need help to more easily access the Internet.

    We wanted Hueyify to be easy to set-up and kept as simple as possible and run on basic computer set-up without the need to purchase powerful computers. Hueyify was designed with these factors in mind.

    I also have a blind son and through him and speaking with others with disabilities I can see that there is a need to make the Internet more user-friendly. This has been reported in the media at StartUpSmart. Besides, those who are disabled may not be in a position to be able to afford software / services.

    At the moment we raising awareness on our plight and reaching out to communities and hopefully raise enough awareness and support and have people backing and donating to support our cause. Our donate page is located at Hueyify Donations.
  2.  What Web Browsers does Hueyify Support?
    Hueyify should work with all major web browsers. However, we are only testing and working primarily with:
    1. Internet Explorer
    2. Firefox
    3. Chrome
    4. Safari
    5. Opera
  3. What Operating Systems does Hueyify Support?
    Hueyify will work on most O/S however for the initial release we will target Windows platforms and shortly later on Linux. If enough demand calls for it we will support UNIX and others.

    We will be targeting Desktops and Laptops as well as iPads (through WiFi). This is because these are the main devices that those disabled use. Later we will be moving towards Androids and iOS and mobiles (it is a little more tricky to get Hueyify working on these platforms).

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