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Saturday, 25 April 2015

The next evolution of the Internet

Internet has changed the way we live. Technology truly has the power to change lives. At Hueyify we are striving towards our vision on how we see the next era of the Internet and the Web.

It is impossible for us to sit still and calmly share with you what we are working on and our goals for the future of the Internet. Sometimes pictures help and at other times a video may do more. I'd say this is probably the time to say when a video is a must.

We have actually broken down the future in the Internet into several major steps and in each there is one core concept / idea that we are striving for. This is our first step. You may question why don't we just jump into the final vision? And that is a good question. However, from our prospective it is better to deliver once key concept at a time and evolve towards each key core concept / idea. In other-words we believe in evolution process of the Internet will be far more valuable than just jumping straight into the deep end.

It is hard to believe our beginnings started from humble beginnings in simply wanting to help others. The more deeper into the project we go and closer to our goal the more clearer our "why" we are doing this and the difference we can make.

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